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When in danger, turtles retract their limbs to observe the surroundings and observe their own emotions.


  • Step 1: Relax & breathe.

  • Step 2 : Look at the whole scene.

  • Step 3 : Take a step back. Observe a day in your life from within, when you are scared, sad or angry. Just observe in the turtle’s state of retreat, looking from the inside out.

  • Step 4 : Connect with your inner values: tolerance, peace, love & happiness…the person you want to become.

  • Step 5 : Learn your lesson. What did you learn from that emotion?

When you take a step back, you are not losing, you are in a position of power to observe and choose the best solution to respond. What we are angry about today is very insignificant and not worth it, is it?

=> The power to retreat is like wearing a mask, to protect yourself and others from the virus.

QUESTION : What is the difference of Retreat & Escape?

- Retreat : step back inside to take care of yourself

- Escape : to run or avoid

In stressful situations, do we back down so someone else can win? Retreat so that we can also win, because otherwise we will react negatively, say hurtful words to others.

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